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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

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Well, to be honest, I ultimately decided that Spock was the most famous Vulcan in Starfleet -- but for a variety of reasons:

Firstly, he was the son of the planet's Ambassador to the Federation. Theoretically, the Ambassador to the Federation would be the voice of Vulcan at the Federation Council. Whatever interstellar laws were to be made would happen with Sarek of Vulcan speaking on the planet's behalf. The post would naturally be a very powerful and highly-visible one.
If you buy into the apocrypha like Spock's World, they were also descended from Surak's line and effectively a leading family of Vulcan (if you also buy into the idea that T'Pau was a member of their family).

And then Sarek of Vulcan goes out a knocks up some Earth girl.

That alone would be a scandal pretty hard for any politician to deal with (Cain, Clinton, Hart, anyone?), but amazingly Sarek wasn't pitched out on his ear. His Vulcan-looking kid is being raised traditionally Vulcan. He's accepted into the most esteemed institution of higher learning on the planet.
That would imply it was accidental instead of deliberate. Perhaps a sign of these... troubled times today, instead of assuming it followed what would have probably been a controversial marriage, but as Sarek said in the Abrams Trek, 'it would have been logical' as Ambassador to heavily Earth-influenced Federation

Actually, the parallel to Mary Cheney is probably apropos. Is Mary Cheney the most accomplished lesbian out there? Nope. Is she particularly noteworthy for anything other than being a conservative Vice-President's lesbian daughter?
Funny, I must be one of the few who remembers when Cheney was thought of as a moderate when he was in Congress.
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