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Re: Remaking the past: You Can't Go Home Again?

I was a fan of Bob Camp and John K. in the 90's. They took a Tex Avery-style and took it to the next level, spawning a style of animation that defined the 90s and helped spawn a new age of late night adult animation. That's a pretty good example of going home. South Park used cardboard cut out animation and despite evolving technology, has more or less established a certain stylistic ethic as a holdover for conventional old school animation. If all of these guy can do it sucessfully, I can't see how it can't be done.

As far as Hollywood remakes and reboots?? Some good, some not so good. For about every five crappy remake we get a Batman, Bond, Star Trek and Spiderman. Action heroes are making bank. I think nods to the past can bring things to the next level as long as those people understand the past they are drawing inspiration from. The success of that varies, but there is more good than bad, imo.
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