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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

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During the episode of 'Court Martial', we have, as you pointed out, Krasnovsky and Chandra, being present as Starship Captains standing on the Court Martial proceedings, which is a duty ALL MILITARY OFFICERS must perform,... We also know that the 'U.S.S. INTREPID' was in dock for repairs at the time Kirk & crew arrived at the Starbase,... as Commodore Stone orders her repair crew to put the ENTERPRISE on priority,... we also know from 'The Immunity Syndrome' that her crew is mostly Vulcan,... so then could either Krasnovsky or Chandra the captain of the U.S.S. Intrepid?

Would it be reasonable to think there is a Vulcan Starship captain would be hanging about in a Starbase lounge, even if he was not asked to sit on Kirk's court martial while the trial of the 23rd century is taking place?
Good point. I can think of three main explanations:

1) Selection of the CM board was based on seniority, with the 'Intrepid' captain junior to the others.

2) The 'Intrepid' captain was ruled as invalid for board selection - perhaps due to some prior association with the accused. Yes, a 'logical' Vulcan would supposedly not show bias or favouritism, but regulations are regulations.

3) The 'Intrepid' captain was simply unavailable. Might be a major trial, but that doesn't mean everything else happening on the Star Base or in that sector can be shut down or will wait.
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