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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

Captain Tracy wrote: View Post
Would it be reasonable to think there is a Vulcan Starship captain would be hanging about in a Starbase lounge, even if he was not asked to sit on Kirk's court martial while the trial of the 23rd century is taking place?
Well, from the chart on Commodore Stone's wall, there were a number of ships in for repair. A court-martial apparently requires three ship Captains (as specified for Spock's court-martial in "The Menagerie."

Given the number of ships listed on Stone's wall, there were probably a plethora of available Captains. I think it logical to assume that an all-Vulcan ship had a Vulcan captain, so it may be that (s)he wasn't asked.

Maybe they went by time-in-grade, with the most senior Captains serving on the Court. Given their age, that's a possibility.

Short answer: lots of ships on the chart, lots of Captains to draw court-martial duty from. The captain of the Intrepid simply wasn't tapped for some reason.

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