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Re: Did Supergirl get punched out of her skin?

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For a story that has mass appeal, The Death of Superman has tons of goofy, unexplained things from the 1990s continuity: Matrix Supergirl, the War Worlders, Jimmy Olsen dressed as a Turtle, Bloodwynd, Redhead Australian Luthor. I can't imagine what Theoretical Casual Buyer thought of it.
You left out Bibbo.
I couldn't remember if he was in The Death of Superman or if we had to wait until World Without a Superman for his incessant appearances, and I was too lazy to even check my own review of the book to find out.

Besides, Bibbo is self-explanatory... he's just obnoxious.

What no amount of Wikipedia reading can justify, though, is why Jon Bognadove received gainful employment at DC Comics.

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Ah, yeah... Probably a good thing I forgot about that.
It gets better. Matrix then bonded to a dead girl and the two of them became an Earth Angel. Together they fought the first vampire and his mother, Lilith who were trying to control the female aspect of God embodied in Matrix.
This reminds me why I dont read Peter David anymore.
I haven't read it, but that description sounds amazing to me.
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