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Re: Gene Roddenberry's weird rules

Humans can't be prejudice in the 23rd and 24th century, really? Everybody is prejudice in some way. You just have to open your eyes and listen more, then you'll realize how prejudice you are. [chuckle] People do things because they think they have a good reason(s). There are something you don't understand about someone and then there are something nobody understands about you. I don't have to completely understand someone to like, or love, them for this reason. But some people are just more extreme than others and there will always be people like that. That's why we need the government to back off and stop telling us what to do in case of extremists get voted into office and start doing some serious shit that will destroy this country and maybe the world altogether.
"This is not about who has the biggest gun or more powerful ships... A friend in power is a friend lost."

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