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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

I would like the Sophia story line wrapped up next episode too, by last night I was sick of hearing about it, but , with so much time invested in that story line, they can't just drop it or stop mentioning it. Its gotta be sorted out one way or the other.
The well really bugged me too, suggesting that if the body came out kicking they would actaully be stupid enough to drink the water was mind boggling. I mean, if they genuinely think the water is drinkable so long as they don't shoot the thing in the well, why bother removing it at all ?

I couldn't figure out why Shanes clothes looked so weird until someone mentioned he's in Otis's clothes now, good catch

Overall I'm really enjoying this season , I do feel like they have dragged out the Sophia thing a bit to much, I dont think I felt that way about anything last season,
hopefully next week brings some closer,

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