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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

Over the years, Picard basically became English; he had a very Anglo-Saxon attitude and stoicism, which went along with his being played by a fine English actor. So I think a re-cast Picard would probably have to at least look and act a little like Patrick Stewart.
Which just goes to show how un-iconic Picard, the character, is. His identity is too strongly associated with a certain actor.

Why bother dusting off a character who doesn't have a strong identity as written? Why not just have someone write a new character?

Captain Kirk was also strongly tied to William Shatner. Some of the most famous or infamous things about Kirk (such as Shatner's unusual delivery) are directly attributable to the actor.
Kirk was tied to Shatner in both positive and negative ways, which is why when he was successfully recast with Chris Pine, it was a benefit that Pine shucked off a lot of the silliness.

The fact that Kirk survived recasting and a bit of reimagining underscores how iconic he is. An iconic character is one who transcends any given actor.
Data is also an iteration on Spock as far as that goes.
You're ignoring the other influences on Data - Pinnochio, the entire realm of artifical intelligence characters that predated him in science fiction. Data's iconic status was only partly created by Star Trek anyway; he was a pre-existing iconic type imported into Star Trek. Spock was pre-existing, too - the outsider alien, the "half breed" type from Westerns - but he was greatly adapted for Star Trek. Data wasn't adapted nearly to that extent.

However, I don't object to Worf as a fairly iconic character, the "noble savage type." Maybe I just find him a tad racist and it makes me uncomfortable?

Come up with something new and different. Re-hashing TNG would serve NO purpose.
I agree. I don't see the benefit, vs all the different character types and premises that could come from just inventing something new. Why give up the huge promise that lies in an entirely new story and cast of characters?
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