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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

So am I the only one who was singing, "the zombie in the well, the zombie in the well, high-ho the derry-o, the zombie in the well"?

Amazing how good this episode was, when it was about, well what was it about? Just moving several plotlines forward, but everything is interesting and the well scene also shows they can be grossly, scarily comic when they want to be.

So they going for the soapy "who's the daddy" plotline huh? Eh, was hoping for anything but.

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There's definitely something weird going on at the farm. They don't want our people armed or near the barn and there was a funny reaction when they discussed what to do if Sophia was bitten. They're also very religious. Are they trying to faith heal zombies, and is Sophia one of them (or suspected to be one of them)?
Yeah, it's irrational that they wouldn't want to welcome a group of sensible, competent (well, except for the well ) well-armed folks who can help find supplies and fend off walkers. In fact, Rick should have made that point. But that might have been too much of a tipoff for the audience.

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And it's especially relevant to the character given her previously stated feelings on bringing up a kid in Zombie Apocalypse world.
Hopefully they'll play up that angle and not the who's the daddy angle.
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