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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Just feels like we've been "setting up" for 4 weeks in a row, though, without a lot going on.

Again, look at what we've got so far: Sophia wandered off, they went looking for her. Carl got shot, they took him to the farm. Shane went to go get supplies to patch Carl up (Shane being really the only big development this season), then he got patched up. Looked for Sophia some more, still nada.

Been a few more small things, but hasn't that really been it so far this season? Sure they have some big reveals for later, but right now, not much. Counting the time you need in the premiere to try and get back up to speed and hook new people, that really doesn't feel like more than 2 episodes, max, worth of storytelling. That's why it feels like it's dragging to me.

Heck, outside of Shane and the school bit, haven't had much for zombies even since the herd in the opener. One wandering in the woods, one hanging from a tree, one in the well, did I miss any?

I don't want a Resident Evil shoot-em-up show, and recognize that the characters need breaks between flights of terror, but just feels like it's gone on long enough, time to get moving again (plot-wise, if not physically). Find out more about what's going on, hear about someplace to go, go on another supply raid that doesn't work out very well, something. Wouldn't even mind a little backstory about how the hell the world got like this. We've got characters that lived through that period, wouldn't mind a little storytime there. Seems like the sort of thing Rick should probably be curious about at some point, no?
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