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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

Captain Tracy wrote: View Post

Captain Ronald Tracy -
USS EXETER - 'The Omega Glory'

Okay, GREAT looking Captain,.. tall, imposing, grey hair denoting distinguished experience,... so how did Ron Tracy get past the StarFleet Academy Psych-Eval??????

I mean think about it,... what does it say about StarFleet's critical thinking if they will entrust a 500 Million credit, fully armed Starship to a guy, who at the first sign of 'pot luck' becomes a scheming Flim-Flam man version of Ponce de-Leon for profit with an itchy trigger-finger,.... seriously, wouldn't Ron Tracy been called out of "Alien Encounters 101" and withdrawn from StarFleet Academy on day three of his freshman year ???
Noting that Tracy also had his entire crew suddenly and unexpectedly die horribly on him.

The shock of this disaster, the inevitable grief and guilt, fear about his own death, surprise salvation (with a side-order of potential immortality), whatever issues he might have had anyhow AND friendly folks that only HE can protect from a seemingly violent and intractable foe - all this together (plus some months alone with nothing BUT all this to brood about) could cause major changes to a person's outlook.

I don't excuse the guy, but better people have completely gone off the rails for a lot less cause.

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