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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

As predicted I received enough xp from the DOFF assignments to make Captain (actually Captain 2). So basically I went from LC2 to CAPT2 using xp from the DOFF assiignments. I had a Borg incursion in there plus the one of the Klingon storyline missions. If a person was actually cranking out missions while letting the DOFFs run full steam, he could hit VA pretty soon. I'm currently running 23 DOFF assignments.

I got a couple of schematics(?) from DOFF assignments, Quantum and Heavy Disruptor turrets. Unfortunately they failed on the Heavy Plasma turret and went to sickbay for a while. I assuming that if they succeed in making the turrets that they will be similar to the Light Phaser Turret bonus item which is a tactical module.

If anyone is interested in trading DOFFs, I'm looking for Rare or Very Rare Tactical and Security DOFFs. I have some Engineering, Operations, Science, Medical and Civilians to trade. I'm also one short on Technician Engineers which I need for an advanced Impulse Engine.

If you're interesting in getting some common DOFFs, I sometimes purge them from my roster to make room for others. Just let me know.
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