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Re: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm review thread

Caution Spoiler below.

Finished my Kindle copy this weekened. I gave this an above average. Like most people here I looked forward to this book and found it lacking. Not being an big fan of the Enterprise series as a whole, I was excited to find something worth the read in Beneath the Raptors Wing and that delevered. However, To Brave the Storm was rushed, and incomplete. Too may plot lines like Trip's rescue not explained.

Because of this "rushed" feel I actually missed a part and would like to ask a question. How did T'Pau give up the katra of Surak? I remember the part when T'Pol realizes T'Pau has it and then the katra is killed in the explosion at Mount Seleya. When did she give it up and how?

Again, overall a decent book. It is one I did not want to put down. Hopefully not the end of the Enterprise series. These past two books have given me an interest in this series.

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