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So we're all thinking "You suck George Lucas" when we're watching the Plumbers vs Air Conditioning Repair?

Um.... no? Why would I think that?
Gimp kid has to chose between dark and light sides of the power that controls and binds the universe, to live up to his destiny... Air-conditioning vs Plumbing.

Luke decided to be a Jedi even though it meant dealing with shit up to his elbows everyday, and poverty and chastity.

Troy don't play that.

Most people in the 80s thought that the Dark Side of the force rotted flesh and riddled you with super tumours, but later we found out that Vader went swimming in a lava flow and Palpatine zapped himself in the face for 3 minutes. They looked like shit because they were idiots, not because the Dark Side is nasty.

Luke wanted to be a pilot like they lied to him his father was, until he wanted to be a Jedi Knight like they lied to him that his father was, but he refused to be a Sith lord like his father was.

He'd rather live out an ethically sound lie than be true to his families actual legacy.

(What does Troy's father do for a living?)

Troy telling old Obi Wan-Metaphor to suck it was a hell of lot smarter than Luke who seems like a kid that would take candy from strangers ending up in a pit not putting the lotion on and getting the hose.

That being said there's no end of dangerous self destructive bullshit that John Goodman could have talked Luke Skywalker into that the Emperor would have failed at.

So much more charismatic and subtly manipulative.


Y'all always mistake my shitty spelling for humour.

God bless you.
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