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To be fair, there was no turbolift "ride" as such. There was merely a long scene inside a turbolift - without any visual or auditory indication that the lift was moving. Basically a repeat of the Kirk/Saavik scene of ST2, then...

Timo Saloniemi

See The Enterprise Incident online at the official location, at (You will have to endure some commercials to do so.) The turbo lift is in motion for a whole minute, beginning around 47:15. Spock says "Deck Two." The "turbolift in motion" sound cranks up, remains on for a full minute, and then winds down at the end of the ride. You can see the deck markers scrolling by when they are in the camera's field of view, for the first part of that minute. Only the most elaborate gesticulations of handwaving can make it seem otherwise. This was something I noticed over 30 years ago.
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