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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

Not the best one.. i'm no big fan of crime shows in general (tend to find them very boring) so i was a late comer to Castle (started midway season 3) and i tend to tune out the scenes dealing purely with the case so i almost tuned out half or more of this episode.

It was an ok episode but it lacked Caskett moments (not that it solely makes the show but it has become a big part of it), other really funny stuff (with few exceptions this time) or much character progress.

However i liked Penny Jerald (our very own Cassidy Yates.. yay! ) in this one because she got much more to do that do a few lines here and there and disapprove of Castle. She really is a capable cop, she runs a tight ship and even she has picked up on Castle & Beckett so much she was forced to act on it

Not every episode has to (or can) knock it out of the park.. decent crime episode but not much more. Next week Castle sits one out but the following two episodes are promised to be BIG (the second episode called Cuffed has both of them cuffed together and during filming there was a closed set for some scenes promising some awesome developments!) and i can't wait!
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