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Re: Rewatching early DS9 knowing that Bashir is genetically enhanced

Though I'm a huge fan of Ron Moore's work on DS9, "Dr. Bashir, I presume" was a staggeringly gross miscalculation that almost - but not quite - ruined Bashir.

Unfortunately, the writers ran with some of the more awful implications later, when Bashir was shown to have a Vulcan-like mind, in addition to possessing all kinds of other extraordinary abilities (like being an expert at darts, etc.)

It is amazing, looking at those earlier seasons, how POORLY the concept fits in with Bashir as a character.

So, even though he was "hiding" his genetic enhancements, he became a professional tennis player? Um, not exactly keeping a low profile there, Julian....

And he is downright boastful and arrogant about his abilities, at least during season one. Again, one would think if he was TRULY keeping such a huge secret, he would be quiet and humble and self-effacing. Hell, he would probably FEEL insecure and humble because he knows his abilities were just handed to him and not truly "earned." He probably would have become an introverted loner, spending all hours in a quiet lab somewhere doing research, not a swaggering young hothead looking to show off.

It just doesn't jibe with the five years of personality we had seen up to that point, let alone the other details of his history.

What ARE we to make of episodes like "Armageddon Game" and "Hippocratic Oath" where Julian says he needs O'Brien's technical help. Was he faking that, too?

Ugh. It's a friggin' mess.

Unfortunately, I think Moore was very close to a good idea, but utterly botched in the execution.

What the episode SHOULD have been was this -

Julian DISCOVERS that he was genetically engineered by his parents throughout the course of that episode.

Suddenly, his entire world is shattered. All his accomplishments feel phony and hollow. He's devastated, furious and his parents and suddenly terrified of being found out.

That's REAL drama - more immediate, urgent, plausible and far, FAR more interesting than learning he was "hiding" his secret all these years.

Julian, even before the "reveal" of his enhanced abilities, was already a genius with terrific physical skills, too (remember, tennis professional). So there was no need to say he ALSO had a Vulcan mind and those other amazing abilities.

Even the "normal" Julian could have been the product of (subtler) engineering.

And an episode focusing on that revelation would have been awesome.

You blew it, Ron. You really blew it this time.
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