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Re: Farscape First time watch thread....

I was hoping it was that part, I liked that part as well also.

The next to last disc has 2 episodes so it felt like an easier thing to watch them and then just have the last 4 episodes for the weekend.

A Constellation of Doubt - I don't know what I thought this episode might be but it wasn't a recap of Terra Firma. It told the events in a different "Bobby-vision" style narrative and utilizing the TV program as a way for us to reflect on what is human and what is alien and where do the two meet in the middle. I really had trouble seeing how it was going to tie John into where the Scarran base Katrazi(sp) would be.

Prayer - TOP NOTCH, loved this episode, again because it was so focused on Aeryn. Not to unlike why I really liked Mental As Anything with Dargo. Of course Crichton teaming with Scorpy in a weird blood brothers type bodily fluid exchange felt a big creepy. Then traveling to alternate Moya with "blender" crew mates as John phrased it. The way the episode ended with Aeryn killing that planted prisoner was just pure awesome.

Ok, so I now have 4 episodes to go and it appears we are now headed for this Scarran base Katrazi(sp). I notice it's a 3-parter coming up and then a solo episode to end out the season. I'm having a sense of DeJuVu to season two's end with the Repository and Liars, Guns, Money as the framework for the finale. Just an observation, cause the show is rocking and I'm hoping for a stellar last 4 episodes.
Question: Does the show end with an ending or is it a setup for the PeaceKeeper Wars mini? Did they know they were getting the mini when I watch this last episode next weekend?
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