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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

This episode felt a little better, but still, this thing is going sooooo slooooow this season. I mean, we're 4 episodes in already, the whole first season was only 6, and it felt like a ton more happened there, plus all the initial setup.

In 4 episodes this season, what's really happened? They got stuck in traffic, lost Sophia, wandered around looking for her, Carl got shot, then they went to the farm. feels like maybe 1 full episode, maybe 2 tops to go through all that. Not sure if it's the reduced budget, that they know they have a full season worth of episodes this year, or what, but they've killed the momentum for me.

I missed the first season, so watched it all back-to-back on Netflix right before S2 started, and the storyline just feels like someone pulled the e-brake here. I'm sure things are being set up for later, but there's a LOT of that, without much going on at the moment, it's kinda a drag. This last episode felt a LITTLE better, but they really need to get back to doing something (other than wandering around looking for Sophia, of course).
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