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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

DC Online also appears to be getting some good buzz in their F2P model, was thinking of checking that one out. Was a huge fan of KOTOR games, so definitely interested in that, as well.

As more and more games switch towards the F2P model, it'll come down to things like content, end-game, crafting, socializing, value... Areas that sadly, STO doesn't seem to be focusing on at the moment. Doubt that grind and micro-transactions are going to be the big draw they seem to think. If STO was an early adopter of the F2P model, they might have had a chance, but they seem to have missed the boat there...

Really has the feel of something that's going to just fall flat at relaunch, at which time they'll try to come crawling back towards a fanbase they just spent the last 8 months or so pissing off and driving away.

STO has been my first real experience with MMOs, and while it was fun at first, I'm afraid it's really leaned more towards regret lately. I've enjoyed the limited amount of group participation in this game, and while this has been kind of a hybrid, I think I'm happier with single-player games. Much cheaper, with a known set cost upfront, and it is what it is. Play it until you're bored or beat it, replay it occasionally if it was good, and move on. Not a big fan of the "give us $300 upfront and hope you get what you pay for later, and we don't fold up the game or change it to drive you away" model that seems to be running here.
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