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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

timothy wrote: View Post
remmber this is a different setting than in the comics. [...] there would be more than just the one black guy.
Actually, no, there would still just be one, though Tyreese was quite a bit different than T-Dog has been portrayed.

Mark_Nguyen wrote: View Post
Am I the only one thingking that there was an awful lot of filler in this episode?
I didn't think it was filler. We saw the overt beginnings of a relationship between Glenn and Maggie; we learned that Lori is pregnant; we saw the early stages of Shane wrestling with killing Otis;. we learned that there's still a chance Sophia is alive; we learned that at least one zombie has gotten to the farm, despite Otis's prior claims that none had been there; we heard hints that Otis is likely hiding something (disarming Rick's group, "follow the rules" and so on); we got good character moments between T-Dog and Dale, between Daryl and Carol, and between Rick and Otis; and we saw the group starting to settle into a new environment. I think this was all worth an entire episode.

Obiwanshinobi wrote: View Post
So [Meryl] didn't survive after all?
Based on comments from the producers, Meryl is definitely still alive and out there somewhere.

DarthTom wrote: View Post
isn't this whole thread known to contain 'spoilers,' since it's labeled that way? So anyone that reads it should expect spoliers in the conversation?
Please read this post. The basic point is that spoilers for what has aired is fair game, as is typically the case in any other series or movie discussion thread. Speculation on future events based on what we've seen in the show is, of course, also fair game. Spoilers for the comics, however, should be kept in spoiler code, because there are plenty of people watching this show and posting in this thread who have not read the comics. It would be incredibly rude, in my opinion, to spoil those people on potential future events.

Vendikarr wrote: View Post
I believe Kirkman has said in interviews that they are using the comics as a roadmap, but that there will be detours.
Not just Kirkman, but Darabont and Gale Anne Hurd as well. I haven't read any interviews with Glenn Mazzara, but I imagine he'd echo that line as well.
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