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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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The final plot involves Bashir acting as tour guide for some un-ambassadorial ambassadors. If these are the guys that the Federation sent to negotiate with the Dominion, it's no wonder the Dominion were so intent on genocide. Sisko is a better ambassador than these folks, and his favourite way of starting a conversation is punching people. This plot is middling, the ambassadors are stupid and the resolution is somewhat pat
I suppose if you were being very kind and trying to make something meaningful of the ambassadors' conduct, you could say it plays into the idea that the 24th century Federation is somewhat complacent and overly sure of itself. Its member worlds are so used to being comfortable and unthreatened that they're not even taking their diplomacy too seriously anymore, at least when it's not the Starfleet edge-of-explored-space new contact diplomacy? So the primary concern of the visiting diplomats is whether they get fancy quarters or not, as opposed to actually learning about the Bajoran situation? Do Vulcan, Bolarus, Arbazan and Betazed even realize how important the station could potentially be? From their viewpoint, does it really matter what's going on at Bajor? A blindness that raises a few red flags about where the Federation might be headed, and which validates some of the points raised by Kira and other Bajorans?

Obviously the real explanation is the foolish Trek trope of ambassadors being asses, but maybe we could attempt to see this as feeding into the themes the later seasons begin exploring? If we were inclined to be kind and rather self-delusional.

Hey, I prefer to play around with the weak points and try to make them work as part of DS9 if at all possible.
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