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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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remmber this is a different setting than in the comics. shane should be dead right now and there would be more than just the one black guy. but I can't wait to see if they keep what's in the barn. from the comics to the show.
The implication is that they will. In last night's episode Herschel told Rick there was no need to go towards the barn and would consider that they could stay if they "followed the rules." Also, why else would he insist they disarm unless something else was going on around the farm?
Haven't read the comics so if I'm right this isn't a spoiler but I'm guessing Hershel's zombie wife is out there. He mentioned losing her to the plague and his "don't give up hope" and comment early on about how wrong, in hindsight, it was to ostracize AIDS patients would seem to indicate he doesn't believe they're just walking corpses.
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