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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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I hope Sophia's not in the barn.

Am I the only one thingking that there was an awful lot of filler in this episode? I understand that not EVERY week can feature hordes of zombies (nor would I want this show to be all running and gunning - we have Resident Evil movies for that), but the only valuable storyline was Lori confirming her suspicions, and the growth of the "Glaggie" relationship. I'd think that the Lori / Glenn stuff could have been part of another episode and we'd have little to carry the show forward this week. I hope that future "breather" episodes can still move the individual plot lines along.

Actually, there is a bit more going on in this episode then what it looks like. A few of the seeds for what happens to the group next were sewn (as long as they are still loosely following the comic).
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