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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x10 - "In Two Minds"

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RU-L'Haan hid quite well her real personality and only MU-L'Haan realised that there was something off, although she didn't know exactly what. And something tells me that L'Haan's data suddenly appeared after Section 31 realised that they were looking for her; they prepared a fake file to see, perhaps, what was going on and who was looking for her and why.
Bingo, spot on.

Although, bear in mind that I'm playing two games here with this. From the point of view of most of us on this board, Lit fans who have already read most of the books and know exactly who RU L'Haan is, they can see the plot twist coming and it becomes a fun game of seeing how the secret will be discovered.

But from the point of view of my theoretical TV viewers, who would be watching this episode back in 2002, running directly on from the actual show, they've never heard of L'Haan other than what we saw of the MU version. So they'd have no clue about the twist that's coming, and the question of the suddenly appearing record is just a curious mystery for the moment.

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I'm not convinced by the explanation how Taran'atar got through the forcefield, though.
I had a bit of trouble with that. I originally had a few lines in there explaining how the Jem'Hadar originally had the ability to walk through forcefields, as seen in their very first appearance, but that the Federation had retuned their forcefields and removed that advantage, but that L'Haan was able to briefly give him that ability back. I cut them for space, but I'm not sure it really explains it anyway. It remains a case of handwavium that I just kind of need to skip over to make the story work. Although notice that Taran'atar seemed to be testing the forcefield since the first scene of the episode.

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Ro clearly has a serious problem growing and seems like she's getting addicted to painkillers. What's worse, she seems to realise she has a problem, but doesn't want to do anything about it. And she was doing so well in the beginning of the previous episode, just before the accident and temporary amnesia.
Again, part of the point of the last episode was to drive Ro into the painkiller addiction. I intended it to start off as based purely on her physical pain from the broken back. Then she's getting better, and Taran'atar returns and throws her for an emotional spin again. Then she starts to get over that, and then the accident happens and reminds her of her crappy life, and she voluntarily goes back into the painkillers again. By this time it's a purely psychological and emotional issue.

And again, I know we've had an addiction storyline with T'Pol, but that was kind of a mystery of what was wrong with her before getting the explanation. With Ro, I wanted to explore the steps of how a person ends up in that situation, and watch it happen at every step along the way. Plus there's the idea that my "TV show" would be showing in 2002, before season 4 of Enterprise...

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Finally, I wonder if RU-L'Haan is really going to take the katra to Vulcan or maybe attempt to use it somehow. Section 31 wouldn't stop from using anything and anyone.

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