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Re: Farscape First time watch thread....

After a crummy Titans loss came home to watch the last 3 episodes on the current disc.

Twice Shy - or as I think of it, Spider in Space was an interesting stand alone episode. We are back in Tormented Space buying maps but outside the name I still didn't get a feeling for what's so "tormented" about Tormented Space. So far in TS we've had a planet based show and now a ship based show. I want actual space to look/act really frelled up. The episode itself was alright. Ro what part near the end did you like best, the part where Sikozu is making a pact with Scorpius OR the part where John reveals to Aeryn how Scorpius is spying on them via the comm channels?

Mental As Anything - I really liked this episode. For the sole reason it comes back around to one of our key characters issues, the murder of his wife. I like Dargo and this episode that allowed him to confront the truth's of what happened and come to peace with it were I thought great. I also like how when he's asked why he didn't kill his "brother-in-law" he stated that "being trapped in the machine reliving it over and over is more torment. Death would have been merciful" ergo, Dargo granted no mercy. Great character moment imo.

Bringing Home the Beacon - Coming back around to our interstellar dealings with Peacekeepers and Scarrans while also harkening back to the, I assume, DNA tracker that is on to Crichton. I'm guessing that's still in play despite the Aeryn doppelganger at the end of the episode. So we have a decoy beacon now, I wonder how long that's going to last and work effectively. By my count there are 6 episodes to go in season 4. It may sound silly but I have a hard time taking Grayza seriously. A military commander walking around with half her chest exposed, yeah I know she uses her sweat as a control but still. Then her with Braca it just reminds me of the two losers trying to control the Police Academy in those 80's films. But really the key take away from this episode going into the home stretch is that Aeyrn has been captured and in Scarran custody. No doubt as an attempt to lure John and his wormhole knowledge to them?

I'm in the final stretch now of finishing out Season 4 but with 6 episodes to go I'll have to wait most likely to next weekend to finish but it should be a good final push, right?
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