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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x09 - "Blank Slate"

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An interesting glance into Ro's past. Not just a glance, but also an opportunity to see how she reacts to all that. She definitely doesn't like herself. I wonder if in the result of that experience, she'll change and work on her personality and choices not to make so many mistake any longer. It was a chance for her to analyse her own decisions and actions.
That was basically the whole point of the episode, yes. Not just to get some of Ro's back story out there, but to explore the effect it has on her. At the beginning she's got it pretty much all under control. By the end, when she's been reminded just how much of a shitty life she's had, she realizes she doesn't want to be that person anymore. But I kind of get the feeling that she thinks there's nothing she can do about it... and that's what drives her back to the painkillers after she's successfully weaned herself off them. It will definitely drive her storyline for the rest of the season.

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I must say, though, that the format didn't serve well that part of the story. Not the script format, but to time limitation of such a script format (after all, it shouldn't be longer an one-hour episode). That re-discovering of her own self would work much better if it took more time than one day. It would have a stronger impact both on Ro and on the readers. It just felt too superficial and too rushed.
Yeah, I'm forced to agree with you there. The concept isn't really served by the format. It comes off as the kind of problem-of-the-week thing TNG and VOY often suffered from.

That's one of the reasons I wanted to make sure the reason behind it all happening isn't some random made-up technobabble (and even made fun of that by referencing "Rascals"), but a comparatively real-life thing - she just bonked her head. Doesn't really solve the problem, but I hope it makes it seem less silly-sci-fi-ish.

Really, almost none of my stories for the entire season are based on tech concepts. They're all character or continuing-arc stories.

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Taran'atar possessed by L'Haan's katra is a very interesting plot twist. So it's not just hallucinations, but a serious medical and mental problem.
When I was looking at possible plots for the season, that just jumped out at me as the kind thing that seemed like I had to do it. It was set up perfectly by that scene in The Soul Key, as if I couldn't not do it. Obviously we've had katra stories and possession stories before, but not stretched out over an arc in a mystery format, and not with a Jem'Hadar. And the fact that it was L'Haan gave me a delicious and irresistible opportunity, as you've already seen with the next episode...

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