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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

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They were the stars, no doubt, but the show and the formula was not nearly as dependent on them as TOS was on Spock.
Oh yeah? You think audiences would flock to see a Picardless, Dataless ST movie starring Jonathan Frakes and Michael Dorn?


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The TOS movies had the combination of a really good plotline AND an ensemble-oriented story.
And ten years of fan yearning, and general populace curiosity, for a reunion/sequel to finally get made.

you keep asserting that Picard and Data were critical to the success of TNG based on nothing but repeating that assertion.

Remember that after "BOBW, part I" there was a possibility of Stewart leaving the show. Yet they weren't considering folding up the tents, they would have moved on with Frakes. And I'd argue that Worf was just as important to TNG as Data, which was why they kept bringing him back for the movies even though he was technically a DS9 character at the time of two of them.

Use the "argument from incredulity" all you want, but TNG was an ensemble show. TOS wasn't. You take away Kirk, Spock, or McCoy you've got issues. You take away Picard or Data you move on.
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