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Re: Die Hard V - Not Looking Good...

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it's being reported that casting for McClane Jr is down to 4 actors.

They're Liam Hemsworth, brother of Thor star Chris, Aaron Paul, so good as Jessie in Breaking Bad (but tv scheduling may be against him), James Badge Dale (who's already done action sidekick in season 3 of 24, where he played Jack's CTU partner Chase Edmunds) and DJ Corona, who's currently shooting GI Joe 2.

For my money, Aaron Paul is probably the best actor in the bunch, but it's hard to imagine him as Bruce Willis' son. Hemsworth is perhaps the most convincing in that regards. Dale is fairly reliable but even though he's only 31, he looks older (IMHO, he looked about 30 when he was in 24 nearly a decade ago) and that may go against him. McClane Jr should probably be about 30, given that the character looked about 8 or 9 in the original movie, made in the late 1980s.

Corona, to me, does not look in the least like Willis.

One thing that occurs is I hope they avoid the cliche of MrClane Jr being a whiny, useless brat who's estranged from his Dad (though Aaron Paul would probably excel in that role). In DH and DHWAV, John was estranged from his wife, in DH4.0 he was estranged from his daughter. And the plotline of the hero being estranged from his offspring has been done in everything from 24, to the Gene Hackman/ Matt Dillon movie Target, to Grand Torino to Taken.

It would be nice and actually a little daring if McClane Jr wasn't an asshole and whiny brat but was actually a decent young guy like his Dad before him; if he and John actually had a good relationship at the start of the movie and didn't have to patch up their differences while saving the world. Yes, I know conflict creates drama but maybe the writers should challenge themselves and come up with a new way of creating drama for McClane Sr and Jr.
Don't be ridiculous, how are they supposed to create any drama in a film full of gun wielding terrorists if father and son aren't estranged
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