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Re: Last Star Trek Episode You Watched

Just watched TOS-R "Let This be Your Last Battlefield" on local tv. They cut the whole Beal-Locai chase scene. Morons.
A few points:
With the whole "Sharon is in the southern most part of the galaxy". Is this meant to be a crack at racist people from the South? And isn't the southern part (below the galactic disk) of the galaxy mostly empty?
With Sharon seeming to be not too far from Arianis. A Federation planet with over a billion inhabitants. How come no Federation ships have visited there? They knew it was there and knew it's name.
With no detected chemical/biological/radialogical weapons release detected. Wouldn't Sharon make a good planet for colonization; ready-made with transportation and modern services infrastructure in place. Aside from some decaying bodies and damaged buildings.
Note for future starship captains: When a couple of strange aliens lock your ship on course for a unknown planet. Shutdown your engines and kill main power. Then lure them into a room and gas them. Throwing them out the airlock is optional. But recommended.
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