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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

RV pulls up to the farm house... Lots of hugs and handshakes... "Good to see you guys again. What's it been, a day?"

Anyway, their "Go to Town" expert Glenn certainly went to town... The question about whether he could get "in and out" was answered... He didn't do his thing solo the way he usually does... I like that they dealt with the sex issue and I loved those foreshadowing puns. It's the end of the world, people are going to be thinking about getting laid and although it took a season or so, they didn't waste any time when the moment arrived for two of the characters. "Want to have sex?" "Sure." No clichéd zombie-walking-in-on-them bit either. And if there's gonna be sex, who better than Lauren Cohan who can do hot and sexy even while roughing it during a zombie apocalypse? The farmer's daughter was well cast.

I wonder how Lori's pregnancy will play out since it looks to be Shane's kid.

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