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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I got my DVDs back in the summer of 2004, when they were usually on sale for 120 per season! But Amazon had a "Cheap Space Nine" sale where the DVDs were 48% off (such a random number that it stuck in my mind) and I snapped them up. Back then, ~60 for a 26 episode season wasn't bad, and they came in plastic cases that are much fancier than the slimline cases you get today.

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I suppose one could argue that at first he was only attracted to her based on her looks but that over time he actually fell in love with her. Isn't that how most infatuations that end up in love start out?
But we don't hear much about his attraction to Jadzia after season 1, do we? I suppose it's possible that he was in love with her after this point and didn't realise it until it was triggered years later, but given his infatuation with her during season 1, it seems like a stretch to think that he loved her but didn't know.
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