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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

170. Winchester 73 (B-)

An acceptable Anthony Mann-directed Western, with good performances by Jimmy Stewart (in a slightly darker role than usual) and Dan Duryea, but never one that greatly surprised me. Okay, when Rock Hudson showed up as an "Indian" I was surprised, but not in a good way.

171. Best Worst Movie (B+)

This documentary is a hilarious, if at times hard to watch (due to the people involved -- a few of them genuinely appear to be crazy), look at the cast and crew of the infamous Troll 2 twenty years after the film's release. It doesn't uncover any profound truths, but is entertaining and well made.

172. Ministry of Fear (C+)

An absolute mess of a movie, complete with a totally incoherent first act and a hilariously tacked on happy ending, but due to Fritz Lang's direction and decent performances it's never an unwatchable mess. Like most of Lang's Hollywood films, it's budget is a little thin at times and not exactly filled with A-Listers, but it gets the job done.

178 movies this year.
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