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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Right, I'm going to go through 14 pages of this thread, and a couple hundred of the last one, and grab bits of all your posts. If you'd like to make a much quicker counter-example, though, feel free to quote a single post of yours where you say anything less than positive about Cryptic or the game in general. Bet you can't find one... No reason for me to spend that much time going through all your posts, as I'm sure you'd then dispute them one at a time, tell us they were out of context, etc.

Instead of trying to distract us on this tangent, though, care to comment about any of the REST of the posts?

Plenty to talk about there, but you seem to want to avoid that for some reason. Then again, that's how the STO forum has been lately, too. DEVs either ignore the complaints, ban people and close the threads, or tell us that they're giving the LTS "more love" (one of their direct quotes) as they focus entirely on the potential new F2P players (really just ways to force them to pay for micro-transactions) at the expense of the people that have been putting food on their table for the past 2 years. (Believe that "feeding their children" was one of your hyperbolic statements, no?)
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