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Re: Grimm (NBC) Season 1 Discussion *Spoilers!*

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I'd like to see a show with a good cast of interesting and likeable characters that are involved in good stories every week (or whenever). Sherlock Holmes did it, The Shadow did it, Star Trek did it, Monk did it; no reason it can't be done now.
Three examples over nearly 60 years! I'm not holding my breath for writing that good. Every episodic show I try to get into (this one, Person of Interest) has the same problem: I already know all the cliches.
Well, yeah, three examples-- not a complete list. There's also Doc Savage, Lone Ranger, Doctor Quatermass, Sheena, Green Hornet, Fantastic Four, Gunsmoke, Six-Million Dollar Man, Tales of the Gold Monkey, Friday the 13th: The Series, and so on, ad almost infinitum.

I saw episode two today, and it was pretty solid. The Blutblod is a riot; he reminds me of the Geico cavemen, and he came through despite his bitching. The Bear family was interesting, and presented a nice allegory to the eternal problem of tradition versus progress. The criminal couple were also interesting; cavalier youth with genuine loyalty and devotion to each other. I still don't know if I can find the time to watch on a regular basis, but so far this is a good show that deserves a following.

I also like the enriched color palette that they use; not only does it evoke the Fairy Tale premise, but it's a nice change from the muted palette so fashionable over the past few years.
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