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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Let's make it easy for you, then: Prior to their change, every character got a VA ship token at promotion, yes? THey've removed that.
No they haven't; none of your characters who received that have had their token removed.
Nonsense. For anyone that's already VA, it's a complete non-issue. They're obviously not going to take the ship away (never said that, speaking of strawmen), but you don't get another ship either. Or emblems, etc.

For players that aren't VA yet, understanding is that if they ever actually launch the F2P model, taking the VA token away is EXACTLY what they are doing. And the special reward for being a paying customer for 500 days is that they won't take it away from you.

So again: If you're already VA, you get no emblems and no new ship token. If you aren't VA yet, you get no emblems, and they've graciously decided you can still have the ship token. W00T!

Still think that's a pretty shitty 'reward'. Especially from the perspective of this imaginary new F2P customer. For the new guy, they'll have to subscribe for 16 months in order to get the VA ship comped. Pretty good chance that the primary toon for any new player will never get that token, as they'll have to get a ship before then. I guess for a new player's 2nd or 3rd toon, maybe it'll help?
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