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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Feel free to re-read your own posts, but you've been pretty much nothing but a STO shill since you started posting in these threads. Wasn't so bad when things were actually going alright in the game, but it's looked pretty silly as we enter month 8 of the content drought, the developers alternate between ignoring the players and telling them that they'll love the new changes (and soon!), etc.

Tell me, as the guy running (I assume?) the STO IRC channel, what's been YOUR take on how the customer base is feeling about things recently? If it hasn't either gotten quiet as people quit playing, or alternately if the mood from those left hasn't grown increasingly frustrated/hostile, I'll eat the DVD that STO came on. There's no way you can feel things are going well here, but you seem intent on sticking to the company line...
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