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Re: Grimm (NBC) Season 1 Discussion *Spoilers!*

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In week two Monroe the reformed Big Bad Wolf is still the best part of the show. I think the show would be better if Monroe was Nick's partner on the police force.
Yep, and the show could also use a few more recurring characters in the vein of Monroe - supernatural critters who aren't just running amok or being secretly villainous, but are trying various ways to adapt themselves to modern life, and are played by fun character actors.
The guy playing Nick was less stiff this week than in the pilot. I think he'll improve as the series continues.
He's very cute. I'm inclined to be patient with him. Nick needs to be the straight man surrounded by a zany zoo of supernatural characters, some of which are woven in and out of the ongoing plotline.

I'd like to see a show with a good cast of interesting and likeable characters that are involved in good stories every week (or whenever). Sherlock Holmes did it, The Shadow did it, Star Trek did it, Monk did it; no reason it can't be done now.
Three examples over nearly 60 years! I'm not holding my breath for writing that good. Every episodic show I try to get into (this one, Person of Interest) has the same problem: I already know all the cliches.

The real problem is that this show isn't on cable. If it were, it could do what American Horror Story is doing, just throw a bunch of insane shit at us to cover up for the fact that the writing is mediocre.
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