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Not having a specific case before us, I can't nail down exactly what I would propose. However, I was more thinking along the lines of using the writers guide as some of the evidence that might help resolve the issue between two pieces of mutually inconsistent canon.
I tend to agree on this point, a good example, I think, might be Kirk's cabin? On screen it's repeatedly stated that it's on deck five, except one time when it's on deck fourteen. In the face of this (gasp) cann contradiction, we can refer to TMoST where it is established that it is indeed supposed to be on deck five. Therefore we can reasonably conclude that the deck fourteen reference is, exactly what it was, a mistake. Of course, ones mileage will inevitably vary.
Thank you! This is what I would call a textbook example of the "right approach".
Or alternatively, Kirk's cabin was on Deck 12 in "Mudd's Women" and his yeoman's cabin, Rand's, was also on Deck 12 in "The Enemy Within" suggesting that in the early days Kirk's cabin was on Deck 12 and he didn't relocate to Deck 5 until later.

Or alternatively, Spock took Mudd and his women to Deck 12 for something and then preceded to Deck 5 in "Mudd's Women" and Yeoman Rand's quarters is just many decks away from Kirk's.
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