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Seems like all I have suggested is the use of explicitly identified source material in ways only completely consistent with the forum guidelines.
I guess that would depend on whether you feel that the episodes should be consistent to the writer's/creator's guides or if the episodes are the final product. If the outside source matches up with what is described in an episode, that's great. If it doesn't, what happens then? Does the episode take priority over the guide?
Not having a specific case before us, I can't nail down exactly what I would propose. However, I was more thinking along the lines of using the writers guide as some of the evidence that might help resolve the issue between two pieces of mutually inconsistent canon.

Furthermore, when it comes to filling in the blanks by drawing non-canonical inferences out of what has been established on screen, that's when I would really want to take a look at all the production material, and give it at least as much consideration as some fan's pet speculation.

With this in mind, I was simply asking what other information was used during production to flesh out the design of the ship. Are there surviving notes from Matt Jefferies, for instance?

What's the big deal with this sort of inquiry?
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