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The absolute need for a full set of crystals is a bit curious in "The Alternative Factor". The ship seemed to achieve much greater things with just one (cracked) crystal in "Mudd's Women" than mere "hovering for ten hours above a planet"!
In "Mudd's Women" they lost the last crystal even before entering orbit. Since on (reduced) battery power they could hang in orbit for 3 days but on less than full crystal power they could only hang in orbit for 10 hours I suspect that there is something different about the planet in "The Alternative Factor" that can pull down the ship faster or requires more power to maintain orbit.

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Certainly the idea of restoring power to the crystals speaks against the idea of the crystals themselves being the ship's source of power; they seem to be recipients, rather. The idea of them acting as a medium of transfer gets reinforced in this episode in many ways.
I agree that they are a medium of transfer but would add they also act as a buffer or temporary storage that is comparable to the Lithium Ion batteries in a modern day laptop.

We see the crystals used to buffer up enough energy to open a portal for the Lazarus ship in "The Alternative Factor" so they do charge up and discharge rather than just pass energy straight through. They could be as Kirk described, "the heart of the ship's power" in the regard that they store up power and discharge power via the energizer. A nearly drained crystal would mean the ship's no longer able to output full power as indicated in the dialogue. I think "Full power" then is not the maximum power that the M/AM reactors can put out but the reactors + the buffered up energy of the crystals.

A secondary function could also be in the creation (or regeneration) of antimatter supplies since they seem to be tuned to the antimatter universe.

For longer-term energy storage, I see the ship's batteries then holding the excess power.

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Seems like all I have suggested is the use of explicitly identified source material in ways only completely consistent with the forum guidelines.
I guess that would depend on whether you feel that the episodes should be consistent to the writer's/creator's guides or if the episodes are the final product. If the outside source matches up with what is described in an episode, that's great. If it doesn't, what happens then? Does the episode take priority over the guide?
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