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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Let's make it easy for you, then: Prior to their change, every character got a VA ship token at promotion, yes? THey've removed that. THen they took away the 250 emblems that you got for paying for this mediocre game for 500 days. Then they want to blow smoke up our ass and tell us that the new big reward is that they'll allow us to get the VA ship token again. Yay? Used to get that PLUS 250 emblems, now they've graciously decided to let us have the toekn back.

Great for characters that hadn't made VA yet, I guess (other than not getting the 250 emblems, which was a great reward). For characters that already are VA, you get neither the ship NOR the emblems, and they're still calling it a reward. What's the reward, exactly?

I'm confused about what they're saying, honestly. You keep parroting that most of the toons aren't above CMDR or so, but also that their main focus to this change is to slow down progression, as they want to cite some guy with a weekend and a case of redbull that could get all the way through. Is leveling a problem or not?

Only way, IMO, that you can show stats that say most are CMDR or below is if you count every inactive account, or count secondary toons that don't get used much by regular players. I.E. shady math you're only using to try and convince yourself of something you know doesn't really mean what you want it to.

Trying to wrap my head around how you can read this thread lately, or ANY thread in the STO forums, or any review/press about this game lately, and come away with positive feelings. This thing is being run into the ground, and they're switching between ignoring their customers and telling them that everything is great!

Hell, even the biggest appologists on the STO forums have either gone quiet or started questioning things. It's getting ugly, and Cryptic just isn't listening.

It's all geared towards the hypothetical new F2P player who will appear and start dumping money on the game. Problem is, STO doesn't really appeal to hardcore MMO gamers. Alot of grind, and getting worse. They're killing crafting. VERY repetitive gameplay. Almost no social aspect. Just BEING F2P isn't enough anymore, the whole market is going that way, you have to compete with the game itself, not just that it's free. And the game is a lot more for casual players, and they're killing that.

But please, keep telling us everything is fine, most players are happy with the changes, and new content will be here soon!
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