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Re: Grimm (NBC) Season 1 Discussion *Spoilers!*

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We could use a good monster-of-the-week show, although this one will probably end up becoming arc-based just like Supernatural and just about everything else.
I've gone on record stating that I'm not inherently opposed to episodic tv--some of my favorite shows have been based purely on that format however over the last decade it has become abundantly clear that the current crop of writers in television really can't be as creative in coming up with fresh unpredictable episodic stories.
I agree. Writing a self-contained and consistent story is apparently out of fashion now, both with the current crop of writers and the current audience. The problem isn't that arc-based storytelling is bad-- I like a lot of those shows you mentioned-- it's just that it can be, and often is, just as lazy as cliched episodic writing. The writers will throw razzle-dazzle at people to get them talking around the water cooler, but ultimately they're not up to creating a worthwhile payoff. Lost is the ultimate example of that; great show with a disastrous ending. I'd like to see a show with a good cast of interesting and likeable characters that are involved in good stories every week (or whenever). Sherlock Holmes did it, The Shadow did it, Star Trek did it, Monk did it; no reason it can't be done now.
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