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Re: Grimm (NBC) Season 1 Discussion *Spoilers!*

In week two Monroe the reformed Big Bad Wolf is still the best part of the show. I think the show would be better if Monroe was Nick's partner on the police force. He adds some much needed humor and life to the show. Then they could skip the "I need to hide my true identity from my partner bit" which is way past tiresome by now. It's old guys lay off it for awhile...ok? (Hopefully Nick let's his partner in on it in the near future.) Right now the partner is kind of just a lump. Well, aren't most the character so far? They need more fleshing out. More life as they're too stiff.

The guy playing Nick was less stiff this week than in the pilot. I think he'll improve as the series continues.

Aunt Marie was good...too bad she kicked the bucket...but at least she kicked ass doing so.
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