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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Easier for you to be content, having received 2250 emblems for your 9 characters. Plus a VA ship (because they gave those out at promotion, just like every other rank).

What I got, by contrast? They've allowed me to get a VA ship. Unless my toon is a VA already, in which case, nothing. And seeing as how it's a reward for 500 days of subscribing, pretty damned good chance my primary toon is a VA, right?

Your VA toons got enough emblems to get purple gear for your ground troops, and a few purple weapons/shields/consoles/whatever for the ship, or half the emblems needed for another ship.

Mine literally got nothing.

Sad part is that it really wouldn't take much effort to do SOMETHING to make people feel better about it. If they're worried about messing up the planned economy that they haven't really thought through anyway, throw us a different treat. There was mention of some special BOFF, which while not nearly as valuable, would still be something to show they at least tried. Or at least make the stupid VA token redeemable for a VA ship, even if you already got one. What's the harm in being able to swap between the galaxy and defiant or intrepid?

Mostly annoyed/mad because I got the galaxy class for my VA ship, and then later bought the Galaxy-X, so have no use for my VA galaxy ship. Was hoping that the reward would give me enough to get me halfway to a different class, but instead I got a token I can't use. Yay?
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