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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Which is exactly what happened to me. Only one toon at VA, and been there for quite a while. Already have a VA ship, so my understanding is that even with the new token, I won't be able to get a different one, correct?

So, don't get the emblems that everyone else got, which would have been nice upgrades to a few weapons. Don't get a ship, which is the replacement reward.

Why wouldn't I be pissed, exactly?

Only part of this that helps is that for characters that aren't at VA yet, I'll be able to get a free VA ship when I get there. Of course, all that is is giving back something that they stole from me, as my last character got that for free anyway.

Taking away 2 things, and then giving one back, how are people supposed to be happy about that?

Honestly, unless things turn around pretty quickly, just about done with this BS. Game has gone to shit, no new content, all the changes are basically just geared towards forcing us to grind or pay to get around it. They've based their entire model around hypothetical new players that will join when it goes F2P, and completely ignored all the players that have kept the lights on for them for the past 2 years.

When the pissed off players leave, and the new players fail to materialize (or fail to pay for all the micro-transactions, given that it doesn't seem that the silver level is much more limited than the gold level), what happens then? Talk about taking a game that was on a nice upward trajectory and just driving it into the ground...

I'm pissed at this point that I have a LTS, so I can't vote with my wallet and cancel my subscription over this. Best I can do is quit playing. Which sucks, as I liked things well enough to buy the LTS in the first place. Waiting to see how things work if the F2P ever goes live, but based on how they've been treating their subscribers lately, can't imagine it's gonna make me wanna stick around.
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