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Re: Grimm (NBC) Season 1 Discussion *Spoilers!*

Hmm. So far, this show really isn't adding up to much. Silas Michael Weir is the only reason to keep watching, he's a hoot (well, that went too far!) Also, they showed admirable restraint not naming the girlfriend Goldie Locke.

The idea that Mama Bear is encouraging her cub to commit homicide just to maintain some traditions that the family can apparently survive just fine without, is too weak of a premise for a good episode. They need to ratchet up the what's-at-stake here and really start to flesh out why the fairytale characters hang onto habits that place them at odds with society and potentially get them killed. So far, Weir's pilates-and-veganism lifestyle is the only sensible one.

Ratings: down 14%, which is a modest drop for a second episode, especially for an sf/f genre show. But the stories need to become more compelling if they're going to keep the ratings from falling into the danger zone.
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