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What concerned me was that a lot of the game is still linear corridors with shooting. The only difference is that now you can climb ladders, so they add in a bit of verticality, but it's not like it suddenly opens up the maps or anything - you aren't climbing up in order to get a better sniping vantage point or something like that.
To be fair, I think its too early to say anything about that. The beta only includes the Earth opening and Sur'kesh, two levels repeatedly shown off at every convention BioWare goes to. Since the Earth level doesn't let you have a long arm until the very end and Sur'kesh is set in a cramped facility with enemies dropping in from the air, there aren't a lot of opportunities to show off the type of verticality you want. You might be better off looking at footage of the MP stuff, since I've heard that those maps are based of campaign maps.

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Epic face_plain at Action Mode. Screw the lazy gamers. They can go play Call of Duty if they don't want to bother actually playing their character. But then again, a friend of mine would probably choose Story Mode as she's less interested in the combat aspects, so hey, at least they made an option for both.
I really don't think that's a fair assessment, especially since you do get a whole menu full of options so you can tweak things to how you want it. Sure, there might be some people who breeze through on autopilot through the dialogue, but I can see this being useful for those who want to see a full paragon/renegade playthrough after they've replayed the game a few times.
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