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Re: Mass Effect 3

Given how many people skip through the dialog entirely and given how binary the choices really are (will I be nice or mean?), I can see a case for turning it on anyway.
But either way, those seem to just be guidelines, since after that screen, you are allowed to select the game difficulty and the dialog choice settings.

What concerned me was that a lot of the game is still linear corridors with shooting. The only difference is that now you can climb ladders, so they add in a bit of verticality, but it's not like it suddenly opens up the maps or anything - you aren't climbing up in order to get a better sniping vantage point or something like that.

Add the fact that, right after Gears 3, it's very clear that the game just doesn't play well was a TPS. It's functional, as much as say Uncharted 3 is functional, but it just doesn't "feel" as good as Gears. I only got to play the multiplayer mode for a few minutes, but it shows how clunky everything feels from how you move from cover to cover to how your character moves through a map in general.

And, of course, given that the story is basically yet another BioWare standard tale (imagine Dragon Age 1 in space), and I'm much cooler on this than I was before the beta leaked. The fact that they tarted up Ashley to make her more appealing to men is sort of icing on the cake.

But hey, there's the Mansell soundtrack at least!
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