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Re: Grimm (NBC) Season 1 Discussion *Spoilers!*

I don't think the second ep was as good as the first (Currie Graham, a terrific actor who does menace really well, was really wasted in that minor role), but I'm really just watching the show for Sasha Roiz, so I'm sticking with it as of now.

I do think the Blutbad (or however it's spelled) is the best character and clearly the writers like writing for the guy so I expect he'll stick around. Along with kickass Aunt Marie who I expect we'll see again in flashbacks or dreams since she's far more interesting (sadly) than the lead guy. He's really bland.

Anyone else think the fiancee is up to something? They keep doing these weird extra-long shots of her pondering as if she knows more than she says. Don't like her.
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